Posted: July 28, 2014 in ෴මුල් පිටුව෴

In 1929 Charles Lindburg Flew”Sprite of St.Louis” Across of The Aircraft First Time in a Single Piston Engine Aircraft

Britain had developed concept of strategic bomber force,but the end of the war did not permit it’s proper evolution .after the war,military aircraft were put to commercial use and one of the Britain’s bombers,the vimy,with two pilot are board made the first non-stop fight across the north-Atlantic.Others flew from Endgland to Australia,and London to Cap-town ,in south -Africa .The regular scheduled service was between London and Paris using the havilland aircraft .

Another interesting development was that Britain Imperial Airways and US Pan-American Airways used flying Boats at it was considered safer for the long over water routes,and there were able to operate form lakes,harbors,rivers instead of long flat areas of grass which was difficult to find.However,this change again after world war II when airfields had been built all over the world to accommodate fighter and bomber Aircraft.

The dropping of two nuclear bombs in japan in 1945 brought the war to and an immediate close,but more important,it showed the world that another world war would be lunacy,absolute madness .However ,both side of the Iron Curtain continued Development of fighter and bomber aircraft during the cold war years as a deterrent.

 To be continue


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