Aphorisms from the Exegetical Literature

Posted: September 16, 2014 in සරණක් සොයා ෴

To know, as it actually is, the origin, (cessation, and the way to cessation) of feeling, etc., leads to liberation without clinging, because it partakes of the path.The lack of full penetration of the origin, etc., of feeling leads to imprisonment in the jail house of Samsara, because (such ignorance) is a condition for the Kamma-formations (sankhara).

Delusion which hides the true nature of feelings, leads to enjoyment of feelings.

But an understanding of feelings as it actually is, leads to the penetration of feeling and to dispassion regarding it.

By not understanding the danger and misery (adinava) in feelings, the craving for feelings will grow; and this happens because one only considers what is enjoyable in feelings (assada).

When there is lust for what is felt, one will be wriggling in the grip of the notions of self and self’s property, and in the grip of the notions of eternalism, and so on. This is due to the proximity of the cause for it, since clinging (to ego-belief and views) is conditioned by craving.

For those who proclaim doctrines of eternalism etc., or feel emotions corresponding (to them), sense-impression is the cause (hetu). This applies because (having such ideas or emotions) cannot occur without the meeting of sense-organ, object, and consciousness (which constitute sense-impression).

From Sub-Commentary to Brahmajala Sutta (pakarana-naya)


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