The Maco Organisation is a non-profitable, non-government organization. individual control of my self

I’m help people in need, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, age or social standing. My vision is to provide all Sri Lankans with a better standard of living and to lend a hand to families who are facing hard times and to those who cannot help themselves. All members of Maco in  Sri Lanka work voluntarily and free of charge.

My mission statement is simply to never give up hope. Today Maco has seen more than 2 years of successful growth and operations in Sri Lanka. There were late nights, obstacles and sheer impossible tasks to overcome, but there were also tears of joy, accomplishments and moments I will take on for the rest of My lives. The knowledge, that we have contributed, even in the smallest way, to the betterment and development of Sri Lanka, is not only a satisfying thought, but a deed that speaks for us as humans and who we are at heart.

I believe in helping one person at a time, hoping that in the end, we contribute to the social development of society as a whole.

Our Activities 2013


Following a similar project in January ‎7, ‎2013,We donated fifty shoes for Poor Students in Polonnaruwa.






Our Sahurdayo Youth Club Organized,May ‎25, ‎2013  Bread Dansla at Higurakgoda





Throughout 2013 we also made various other donations of basic essentials, such as, bed sheets, towels and food for elder’s homes and orphanages.We are thankful to all people who have participated in our efforts and look forward to further social projects in 2014

If You Want to Join with Us and Helps to Poor People in Sri Lanka.Here is our Contact Detail and also, you can donate a very little amount using of our Paypal account Service.donor details will be appear in our blog page soon.


Click Here To Donate

446/B/3,NELUM MW,


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